School Meals

Meal Provider

USH uses an external company, Dolce, to provide their meal service. For more information, please view their company website:



Food choices are offered on a three week rotation, please see the menu below. The school offers a break and lunch time service.


Purchasing Food

Students and parents are able to view catering account balances in a number of ways. Students can check their balance at the tills and by using the two 'top up' machines located in the foyer. Parents are able to log into our online payments system to check their child's balance and to top up accordingly.

Unfortunately the school is unable to monitor the individual account balances of all of its students; we therefore ask that parents and students accept this responsibility.


Lunchtime lend facility

A lend facility is offered at lunchtime to enable students to have a meal if they have forgotten their packed lunch or their lunch money. Students are eligible for one lend only. Therefore, students with an overdrawn balance will not be eligible for further lends and the school will expect the catering account to be 'topped up' to a credit balance before any further purchases are made from the catering service.

Please see our Lend procedure for future details (located under cashless catering).


Any queries regarding our catering provision, please contact Julie Prince, School Business Manager.