The house system at USH is based on a family of four: Aviators, Engineers, Mariners and Venturers. There is a spread of house tutor groups across all year groups. All students in each house come together for key events each year, including the Talent Show and our annual Sports Day. The team of tutors leading each group create a sense of belonging and encourage healthy competition. This supports a collective focus for each house and encourages the students to combine their academic learning and progress with their achievements in other areas of the USH curriculum offer, including enrichment. Each term, the House winners are announced with the final House Champions awarded on the final day of term.


Aviators Actively achieving ambition

Mission statement

Aviators are innovators of their own future; we work together as a cohesive team to support and develop potential.

What does an Aviator look like?

Aviator students seek challenge within themselves and inspire others; they demonstrate our core principles of pride, teamwork and support. Aviator students exercise their creative instincts.

Sir Richard Branson: Aviator, Airline owner, Space travel pioneer, Record label creator, Television and internet company provider, Record breaker, 4th richest man in the UK.


Engineers We make things happen

Mission statement

Engineers contribute to their community, bringing new ideas to life. Engineers think logically to tackle problems. Engineers create the future.

What makes an Engineer?

Engineers are ambitious, independent and creative. We support each other and determine our own future.

Dr Maggie Aderin: Space scientist and creator of Science Innovation Ltd, Mechanical Engineer.


Mariners We make ourselves and others proud

Being a Mariner is about being yourself and helping others. We lead and inspire, respect individuality and value teamwork.

What does a Mariner look like?

Mariners strive to achieve and take pride in every success. We celebrate everyone’s talents and harness these for our futures. This is why Mariners can smile!

Dame Ellen MacArthur: World renowned sailor, best known for being a long distance solo yachtswoman.


Venturers Join us on our adventure to success

Venturers make decisions. There are risks in life worth tackling and you only live once. Venturers challenge themselves to be better than their previous best. We are proud and determined. Venturers are involved. We show commitment and give of ourselves for the benefit of all. We are happy to do more.

How would you recognise a Venturer?

Venturers show enthusiasm and pride in what we do. We trust in each other and we respect ambition. We admire determination.

Bear Grylls: Chief Scout, Former soldier 21 SAS, one of the youngest ever climbers of Mount Everest.